Life is easier

to take

than you think;

all that is necessary

is to accept the impossible,

do without the indispensable

and bear the intolerable.”


~ Kathleen Norris


Keep It Simple Stupid.

Impossible is the imagination

limited by the lack of knowledge.

Indispensable is a want

that your Higher Power does not think you need.

Intolerable is a bad habit

that expects that things will always go your way.

Today, be willing to learn, be grateful for what you have,

and accept God’s world is exactly the way He wants it to be.

Life is easier than you think.

Life is living and loving in the here and now.


ME and the Boss







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Retired in Florida, God's waiting room... Writing to maintain a sense of purpose. Click on picture to link to As A drunk Sees It. View all posts by ME and the Boss 2012

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