Becoming You



may not be

so much about

getting better,

as about letting go

of everything that isn’t you –

all of the expectations,

all of the beliefs –

and becoming who you are.”


– Rachel Naomi Remen MD



When the body is sick we call the Doctor.

When the mind and the soul are ill,

we need to reach down deep inside of ourselves

and let go of the expectations and beliefs

that prevent us from becoming the person

the Spirit of the Uni-verse wants us to be.

Today, take your medicine,

pray for guidance from the God of your understanding.

Life is about becoming you.

Life is to live and love in the here and now.


ME and the Boss







About ME and the Boss 2012

Retired in Florida, God's waiting room... Writing to maintain a sense of purpose. Click on picture to link to As A drunk Sees It. View all posts by ME and the Boss 2012

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