Experience Life




cannot be developed

in ease and quiet.

Only through experience

of trial and suffering can

the soul be strengthened,

ambition inspired,

and success achieved.”


~ Helen Keller


No sane person escapes responsibility .

Today, do not be insane, do not alter

your mind or your feelings

with outside influences.

Today, be the person God wants you to be:

loving, kind, patient, tolerant and forgiving.

Today, body, mind and soul, choose

to do the next right thing.

Life is an experience lived by trial and error.

Life is to be lived and loved in the here and now.


ME and the Boss







About ME and the Boss 2012

Retired in Florida, God's waiting room... Writing to maintain a sense of purpose. Click on picture to link to As A drunk Sees It. View all posts by ME and the Boss 2012

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